A feature documentary film about a buddy race team that embarks on a race across 1,400 miles of rural Newfoundland in a rebuilt 1980 ford fairmont.

Directed by The Matarrese Bros.

This project is fiscally sponsored by The Frank Bette Center for the Arts


Tidewater is a feature length documentary following two friends as they journey to Newfoundland to participate in the Targa Newfoundland road race.


Targa Newfoundland is a tarmac-based rally race in Newfoundland, the first and only of its kind in North America. It is an annual event covering 1,400 miles over a seven-day period in September across Newfoundland.

Targa Newfoundland is a time-speed-distance rally, meaning the racers goal is to cross the finish line at a precise designated time rather than cross the finish line first.

The racers

Martin Pond and Chris Seiwald have known each other a long time.

Martin has been working on cars since his early 20’s, starting his own automotive repair shop. His passion for racing has always been strong. Martin is all about getting to the finish line.

Chris is not a “car guy” but has always had a nose for adventure, traveling all around the world. With a pragmatic approach and a background in computer science, he appreciates the PRECISION and timed aspect of the race.

With Martin as the driver and Chris as navigator, together they have decided to take on the challenge of Targa for a second time. This time, to win!

Tidewater is fiscally sponsored by The Franke Bette Center for the Arts and all donations can be tax deductible, so help support this project today!

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